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PO1.6: We Give People Possibilities; Special Adaptations for Activity

Creating a sitting unit, that enables tricycling and riding a horse, for a young lady with severe deformities.

She sits in a 'mermaid-pattern', and moves around with her arms. The moulding and adaptations in the tricycle seat, and on the horseback-saddle, were outside comfortzone.
Special adaptations are time-consuming processes where the result is not given in advance. Moulded seating on a horseback saddle and three wheel handtrike, was new to us.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Bjarte Hjorthaug, BH
Nav Assistive Technology
Skedsmokorset, 2020

Bjarte Hjorthaug is a Senior Adviser at Centre of Assistive Technology NAV Oslo and Akershus, since 2012. He has a Bachelor in Physiotherapy, from Keele University in England, 2002. Bjarte has been working as a physioterapist for several years in the municipality with focus on children with disabilities and activity.
He is also a crazy offroad Bicycle enthusiast!

Knut Magne Ziegler-Olsen, PT
Nav Center Of Assistive Technology Oslo and Akershus

Knut Magne is a PT, working as adviser at NAV Centre of Assistive Technology in Telemark, Norway. Before that he was working as a clinical PT in the Municipality in Oslo, basicly with children with disabilities, and activity. Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Oslo, 2000. Happily married, and 4 fabulous children.



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