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PS10.3: Parents' Perspectives of Infants Using Modified Toy Cars

A mixed methods design was used with five parents of five immobile children aged between 13 and 37 months. Parents used a modified electronic ride on car (ROTC)with their child and kept a log of their feelings over an 8-week period. A questionnaire (PIADS) was completed pre and post intervention while interviews were completed after intervention. Outcomes identify the impact of using a modified ROTC with infants with mobility impairments as reported by their parents


Learning Objectives:

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Emma Regan, BSc, OT
Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, N.ireland
Belfast, County Antrim
United Kingdom

Emma Regan works as the Regional Wheelchair Training Occupational Therapist responsible for devising and implementing a wheelchair training programme for Occupational Therapists and Wheelchair users across Northern Ireland, while leading on research innovation projects related to wheelchair users. In June 2016, she was awarded a British Empire Medal in Queen Elizabeth II's birthday honours in recognition of her work in wheelchair services in Northern Ireland.



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