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PS5.3: Development of an Online Wheelchair List for Wheelchair Users

Provision of reliable and appropriate wheelchairs requires consumers and providers to be informed regarding product quality and field performance. Consumer Reports is one resource that provides such information with evaluation of consumer products but there is no similar resource for wheelchairs currently.

Recognizing this problem, the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals developed an online seating and mobility product list. The list currently displays wheelchairs distributed in less-resourced settings and provides information such as general features, specifications, intended users, standards testing information, images and other information that can be useful to compare and select wheelchairs. Chairs can be filtered as per user and contextual criteria. Users, clinicians and other stakeholders to rate and comment on products based on their experience. Users can also report issues like part failures and under-performing functionalities to manufacturers.

The paper presentation covers the development process of the product list and informal evaluation by manufacturers and clinicians. The list can be a great resource during selection of wheelchairs and can assist manufacturers in bettering their products and processes based on user reviews.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Anand Mhatre, MIMSE
International Society of Wheelchair Professionals
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Anand Mhatre is a graduate researcher at International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP). He received his Masters from North Carolina State University in Mechatronics. With ISWP, Anand is working on developing wheelchair standards for less-resourced countries. Anand has been involved with other projects on design and development of bed-integrated weight measurement technology and development of ISWP Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Product List. He is currently working towards his PhD in Rehabilitation Science & Technology at University of Pittsburgh.



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