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PS2.3: Evaluating Wheelchair Transfer Technique by Microsoft Kinect

The purpose of the current study is to 1) associate the Kinect motions during wheelchair transfers with a gold standard measure of transfer quality (Transfer Assessment Instrument (TAI)), 2) develop regression models that relate the Kinect variables to the TAI scores, 3) validate and test the Kinect's accuracy for determining if a patient is using proper or improper transfer technique. Members will be able to understand the importance of wheelchair transfers for the independence and productivity of wheelchair users. The Microsoft Kinect can be used to distinguish between proper and improper transfer skills and has the potential ability of Microsoft Kinect for application in transfer technique training.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Lin Wei, MS
Human Engineering Research Laboratories
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Lin Wei, MS, Graduate Student Researcher, received his BS in Life Science and his MS in Biotechnology from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, in 2006 and 2009, respectively. He later received his MS in Mechnical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh.

Hyun Wook Ka, PhD
Pittsburgh, PA
United States

Alicia Koontz, RET, ATP
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States



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