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Symposium Schedule Day 3

Saturday, March 4, 2017

8:00am: Instructional Sessions



IC65: Maximizing Outcomes In Step with Advancing Technology (Intermediate)

Amy Morgan, PT, ATP,   Wendy Koesters, PT, ATP/SMS

IC66: Air Travel with a Wheelchair: What Seating Experts Should Know (Intermediate)

Jessica Presperin Pedersen, OTR/L, ATP,   Mary Shea, OTR/L, ATP/SMS

IC67: Solution to Complex Drive Systems with the ALS Population (Intermediate)

Pam Glazener, OTR, ATP,   Gina Strack

IC68: Research & Evidence-Based Practice for Pressure Management and Tissue Integrity (Intermediate)

Brenlee Mogul-Rotman, OT

IC69: Sip'n Puff: A Thing of the Past? (Intermediate)

David J Kreutz, PT, ATP,   Chris Maurer, MPT, ATP,   Mark Partridge, RRTS

IC70: Challenges and Solutions in Seating for Infants and Toddlers (Beginner)

Janice Hunt Herman, PT

IC71: Creating Partnerships Among Clinicians and Engineering Programs (Beginner)

Lisa Kenyon, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS,   John Farris, PhD

IC72: Back to the "Ideal" Ultralight Manual Wheelchair (Intermediate)

Rosemarie Cooper, MPT, ATP,   Bryan Mccormick,   Rory Cooper, PhD


PS9: Paper Session 9

PS9.1: Quantifying Daily Activities in Wheelchair Users Using Sensors (Beginner)

Akhila Veerubhotla, MS

PS9.2: Common Sense about United Statesble, Accessible, and Inclusive Seating (Beginner)

Naomi J Petersen, EdD

PS9.3: Wheelchair Rugby Project: Academic and Clinical Collaboration (Beginner)

Maria Eismann, BS, S/OT,   Kevin Stahr, OTR/L, AT,   Wendy Koesters, PT, ATP/SMS,   Carmen P Digiovine, PhD, ATP/SMS, RET,   Theresa F. Berner, MOT, OTR/L, ATP

PS9.4: Self-care Health Platform for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury (Beginner)

Andi Saptono, PhD, Made Agus Setiawan



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