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IC77: Keep Calm and Evac On!

Emergency evacuation of children and young adults with disabilities from schools and hospitals/treatment centers is a difficult undertaking without the proper planning and forethought. Many disciplines are involved including emergency preparedness, occupational health and safety, occupational therapy and perhaps safety and security. This presentation will review the planning process and training involved with the safe transfer out of a building during a crisis including the stairway descent. Case studies will highlight safe transfer techniques and positioning of these students/patients onto equipment for evacuation


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Kathryn J Fisher, BScOT
Private Practice Rehab Equipment Consultant/Clinical Educator
Toronto, Ontario

With a background in Occupational Therapy Kathy has worked as an Assistive Technology Supplier and clinical educator and is now Clinical Business Development Manager at Invacare Canada.
Kathy has been involved in the provision of high technology rehabilitation equipment with clients in a variety of diagnostic categories including paediatrics. Kathy has presented internationally at a variety of conferences including the Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference, Healthcare Innovations, RESNA, Medtrade, International Seating Symposium and European Seating Symposium.

Jim Closs, BS



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Pre-Symposium Workshop dot Symposium Day 1 dot Symposium Day 2 dot Symposium Day 3


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