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IC72: Back to the "Ideal" Ultralight Manual Wheelchair

Despite very challenging, very frustrating and at times disheartening changes related to provision of seating and mobility devices in the US we believe that we can still have a realistic chance to provide appropriate equipment for our end users; however, funding, although very important, will not be the focus of this session. We seek to find our way back to the 'ideal'¯ in ultralight manual wheelchair provision and set up, as it was done in the 90's, when acute rehab stays for patients with SCI were at least 6 months and therapy programs extended beyond basic ADLs , and included training of advanced mobility skills for independent function outside the home as well as recreational mobility skills to enhance quality of life for the individual; unheard off in today's acute rehabilitation environment, given the short 4-6 weeks average rehab stays and Medicare's 'in-the-home-only'¯ funding policy.

In this session we would like to share with the audience the approach we have taken on the way back to the 'ideal'¯ and the areas that guided its path. We plan to talk about the current state of acute SCI Inpatient Rehabilitation (Lee Tempest), present the role of SCI peer support groups (Bryan McCormick) ,share findings applied from wheelchair sports (Rory A. Cooper) and focus on the final fitting and training of ultralite manual wheelchairs (Rosemarie Cooper) .


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Rosemarie Cooper, MPT, ATP
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Bryan McCormick

Marshall Tempest

Rory Cooper, PhD
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States



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