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Symposium Schedule Day 2

Friday, March 3, 2017

4:30pm: Instructional Sessions

    • 8:00am • 9:30am • 11:00am • 1:30pm • 3:00pm • 4:30pm •


IC57: The Seating Clinic: Business Realities for Success(Intermediate)

Theresa F. Berner, MOT, OTR/L, ATP,   Tina Roesler, PT, MS, ABDA

IC58: A Memorial to our Colleagues Who Have Passed(Intermediate)

(Information to come)

IC59: Integration of Powered Mobility, AAC, & Computers(Advanced)

Karen M. Kangas, OTR/L,   Lisa Rotelli, AA of Science

IC60: Ideas to Innovation: Student Design Projects and Capstone Projects (Intermediate)

Mark P. Warner, PT, ATP,   Carmen P Digiovine, PhD, ATP/SMS, RET,   Mary Goldberg, PhD,   Sandra Anstaett Metzler, D. Sc., P.E.


IC61: Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Conceptual Model in Wheelchair Service Provision (Intermediate)

Deepan Kamaraj, MD,   Nathan Bray

IC62: Evaluation of Saddle Seating for Children with Special Needs (Intermediate)

Sharon L. Sutherland (Pratt), PT, Kristine Westby, Lotte Wemmenborn, Physiotherapist, author, educator

IC63: Running a Seating Clinic 102: Going Beyond the Basics (Intermediate)

Lauren Rosen, PT, MPT, MSMS, ATP/SMS ,   Jeff Brown

IC64: Colombian Wheelchair Sector: People, Policy, Products, and Provision (Beginner)

Sara Munera, PT,   Jonathan Pearlman, PhD


PS8: Paper Session

PS8.1: System Requirements for Continuous Seat Pressure Mapping (Intermediate)

Tamara Vos-Draper, OT, ATP, SMS

PS8.2: RCT on Wheeled Mobility for Pressure Injury Prevention (Intermediate)

David M Brienza, PhD

PS8.3: Design and Verification of a Paediatric Wheelchair Cushion (Beginner)

Maighread M Ireland, MEng,   Laura Finney, PhD, MSc, BEng, CEng, Clin Sci

PS8.4: Simulating Terrain for Measuring Wheelchair Rolling Resistance (Intermediate)

Patrick Joeseph Barba, BS Mechanical Engineering,   Norman Reese


    • 8:00am • 9:30am • 11:00am • 1:30pm • 3:00pm • 4:30pm •

Pre-Symposium Workshop dot Symposium Day 1 dot Symposium Day 2 dot Symposium Day 3

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