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Symposium Schedule Day 2

Friday, March 3, 2017

1:30pm: Instructional Sessions

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IC41: CARF Accreditation in Assistive Technology(Advanced)

Dawn Hameline, OTR/L, ATP,  Melissa Oliver, MS, OTR/L

IC42: Documentation for Complex Rehab Technology: The Ethical Dilemma (Intermediate)

Weesie L Walker, ATP/SMS,  Chris Maurer,, MPT, ATP

IC43: Overcoming Barriers to Best Practice: Keep the Client First! (Intermediate)

Ginger Walls, PT, MS, NCS, ATP/SMS

IC44: Empowering Practice: Evaluating Seating and Mobility Outcomes (Intermediate)

William C Miller, PhD, FCAOT,  Lisa Kenyon, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS

IC45: Seeing Opportunities for Success: Visual Factors for Positioning (Intermediate)

Katherine Clark, MOT, OTR/L, ATP,  Erin Pope, PT, MPT, ATP

IC46: Assessing Mobility for Those with Cortical Visual Impairment (Intermediate)

Cindi Petito, OTR/L, ATP, CAPS,  Angie Kiger, MEd, CTRS, ATP/SMS

IC47: Solving Complex Seating Clinic Challenges in an Intense Climate (Intermediate)

Meredith J Budai, DPT, ATP/SMS,  Beth Farrell, PT,  Erin Michael, PT,  Sarah Murdoch, PT,  Colleen Smith, PT

IC48: Rehab Engineers + 3D Printing + Electronics = Personalized AT (Beginner)

Ben Salatin, MS,  Brian Burkhardt


PS6: Paper Session 6

PS6.1: Modeling Pressure Injury Conditions Caused by Toilet Seats (Intermediate)

Amit Gefen, PhD,  Maayan Lustig,  Kara Kopplin

PS6.2: An MRI Investigation Evaluating Tissue Response to Seat Cushions (Intermediate)

David M Brienza, PhD,  Patricia Karg, MSE

PS6.3: How a Cushion Can Effectively Protect Against Pressure Injury (Intermediate)

Amit Gefen, PhD,  Kara Kopplin

PS6.4: Factors Affecting Seating Prescription: An Evaluation of Watercell® Technology in Complex Static Chairs (Intermediate)

Carol Bartley, MS, Melanie Stephens, MA, RN


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