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Symposium Schedule Day 2

Friday, March 3, 2017

11:00am: Instructional Sessions

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IC33: Introduction of the Total Shear Measurement Device, iShear(Beginner)

Max Paul Rogmans

IC34: Mobility Addendums; Getting it Right the First Time (Intermediate)

Dan Fedor

IC35: Are Environmental Control Units (ECUs) a Thing of the Past? (Intermediate)

Tricia Garven, PT, ATP,  Mary Simonson, OTL,  Elisa Hopwood, OTL

IC36: Group Wheelchair Skills Training - Setting and Achieving Goals (Intermediate)

Lynn Worobey, PhD, DPT, ATP,  Rachel Hibbs,  Jessica Presperin, OTR/L, ATP/SMS,  Mary Shea, MA, OTR, ATP

IC37: School of Power Mobility: Tips for Teaching Power Mobility Skills (Intermediate)

Angie Kiger, MEd., CTRS, ATP/SMS,  Robin Skolsky, MSPT, ATP

IC38: Driving for Change: Ending Barriers and Paving the Way for Play (Intermediate)

Andrina Sabet, PT, ATP,  Heather A. Feldner, PT, PhD, PCS

IC39: Conquer the Complexity of Writing a Letter of Medical Necessity (Beginner)

Erin Baker, PT, ATP, CPST

IC40: New & Emerging Technologies: How to Ask the Right Questions When Evaluating Mobility Devices(Intermediate)

Kendra Betz, MSPT, ATP

PS5: Paper Session 5

PS5.1: Second Generation of a Low-Cost Smart Wheelchair(Intermediate)

Carlos Gonçalves,  Valéria Baldassin, PT,  William Gouvea Dias

PS5.2: A Global Description of Wheelchair Service Education(Beginner)

Paula W Rushton, OT PhD,  Karen H. Fung, MS,  Rachel Gartz, BS,  Mary Goldberg, PhD,  Maria L Toro Hernandez, PhD,  Nicky Seymour, OT M.Phil,  Jonathan Pearlman, PhD

PS5.3: Development of an Online Wheelchair List for Wheelchair Users (Intermediate)

Anand Mhatre, MIMSE

PS5.4: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Hybrid Wheelchair Training (Beginner)

A Yohali Burrola Méndez, MS, PT


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