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SS4: Do We Really Need Big Data?

Do we really need Big Data? Provision of Seating and Mobility services and devices is such an individualized area of service delivery, does it really lend itself to collection of Big Data? Experts will debate this question, providing insight from both sides of the question, from different stakeholder perspectives. Each participant will prepare a 5-6 minute 'pitch' arguing their stance from their own perspective; we will than open to the floor and to the opposing side.

Arguing FOR the need for Big Data:

Arguing AGAINST the need for Big Data:


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;


Jean Minkel, PT, ATP
New Windsor, New York
United States

Ms. Minkel is a physical therapist and master clinician well recognized for her work in Assistive Technology.  She is currently the Senior Vice President for Care Coordination and Rehab Services for Independence Care System, a nonprofit long term care program in New York City.  Jean is also an independent consultant who provides educational and consulting service to all members of the A.T. team – consumers, therapists, suppliers, manufacturers and payers.

Prior to entering the private section, Jean was the director of the Seating and Mobility Program at the Center for Rehabilitation Technology at Helen Hayes Hospital in West Haverstaw, NY.  She produced the videotape series, “Spending or Investing – Funding Assistive Technology.  She is co-author of the Wheelchair Selection Guide: How to use the ANSI – RESNA Standards; the Manual Mobility Training Guide. and the Power Mobility Training Guide.

The A.T. community has recognized Jean for her contributions by awarding to her, the RESNA Fellow award in 1995 and the Sam McFarland Mentor Award in 2012.



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