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IC53: Seating the 'Unseatable'

Ever have the sinking feeling when you meet the client that you have absolutely no idea where to start? Every client presents with their own unique issues; some are physical, some are behavioural, some are environment related. A good outcome for a prescription takes all factors into consideration and strikes a balance to accommodate as many issues as possible. The core tenants of best practice in prescription of a seating and mobility system  are assessment, goal setting, matching client need to equipment parameters, evaluation and follow-up. Through the use of case studies, this session will highlight the best practice, problem-solving path as it applies to any client; those that appear straight-forward, complex or ‘unseatable’, whatever the reason.

This session is supported by a company with reported interest in the sale of Assistive Technology products. The content has been reviewed by ISS personnel and determined to be appropriate for continuing education purposes.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Stefanie Sukstorf Laurence, BSc.OT, OT
Motion Specialties
Toronto, Ontario

Stefanie Laurence is an Occupational Therapist who has been working with people with special needs of all ages in a variety of settings and roles for over 35 years. She is the Education Manager for Motion Specialties across Canada.

Brenlee Mogul-Rotman, OT
Permobil Canada
Aurora, Ontario

Brenlee is an occupational therapist and ATP/SMS and is currently the National Clinical Education Manager for Permobil Canada. Brenlee has a background in clinical work and owned a private practice in Toronto for the past many years. She has experience with a variety of clinical client populations and has worked in the past with various groups in product trials and clinical outcomes.  Brenlee started with Permobil Canada in September 2016.



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Pre-Symposium Workshop dot Symposium Day 1 dot Symposium Day 2 dot Symposium Day 3


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