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Symposium Schedule Day 1

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2:30pm: Instructional Sessions

8:30am • 1:00pm • 2:30pm • 4:00pm • 5:30pm • 8:00pm


IC09: Understanding Pressure Injuries for Effective Prevention (Intermediate)

Amit Gefen, PhD,  Joyce Black, CWCN, FAAN,  Cees Oomens,  David M Brienza, PhD,  Dan Bader

IC10: What's the Latest: Medicare Documentation & Coverage Requirements (Intermediate)

Claudia Amortegui, MBA

IC11: Optimizing the Ride: How Manual Wheelchair Configuration Enhances Function (Beginner)

Jennith Bernstein, PT, DPT, ATP,  Devon Doebele, PTA

IC12: Powered Wheelchair Provision: Current Practices and Opportunities (Intermediate)

Emma M Smith, MScOT, ATP/SMS, Lisa Kenyon, PT, DPT, PhD, PCS,  Debra Field, OT, PhD,  William C Miller, PhD, FCAOT

IC13: Posture, the Missing Link in Finite Modeling(Advanced)

Alexander Siefert, MCM

IC14: Understanding Paediatric Mobility Needs from Parental Perspective (Intermediate)

Sheila McNeill, BSc Hons, MSCP

IC16: Assistive Robotics to Support Activities of Daily Living (Beginner)

Dan Ding, PhD,  Rory Cooper, PhD,  Hongwu Wang, PhD


PS2: Paper Session 2

PS2.1: Adapting Commercial Wearable Fitness Technology for Manual Wheelchair Users(Beginner)

Kalai Tsang

PS2.2: Assessment of Seat Elevator User Satisfaction(Beginner)

Vince Schiappa, MS,  Geoffrey Henderson, MD,  Corey Hickey, DO,  Richard Schein, PhD, MPH, Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP,  Brad Dicianno, MD

PS2.3: Evaluating Wheelchair Transfer Technique by Microsoft Kinect (Intermediate)

Lin Wei, MS,  Hyun Wook Ka, PhD,  Alicia Koontz, PhD

PS2.4: Effectiveness of Transfer Training for Wheelchair Users with Multiple Sclerosis(Intermediate)

Laura Rice, PhD, MPT, ATP

8:30am • 1:00pm • 2:30pm • 4:00pm • 5:30pm • 8:00pm

Pre-Symposium Workshop dot Symposium Day 1 dot Symposium Day 2 dot Symposium Day 3

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