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IC23: A Lifespan Blueprint for DME: Cerebral Palsy

IC23 Handouts

The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Blueprint is a means of summarizing the potential needs of a child throughout their lifespan to best prepare therapists, physicians and families to make educated decisions on equipment selection over time. The overall cost analysis will be reviewed as a means to prepare for upcoming changes in reimbursement structures and health care systems to analyze the costs associated with the care of patients with complex medical needs such as children with cerebral palsy. Because of the known functional status of children with cerebral palsy stratified by GMFCS level and age, we can expect to make certain clinical recommendations and forecast certain equipment needs over the lifespan of children with cerebral palsy. Clinicians, physicians and families vary in their introduction of DME to support the growth, development and function of the child. This instructional course is a look at recommendations throughout transitions and over time by GMFCS level for children with cerebral palsy in order to best prepare for potential needs based on the expected development of the child. This program will describe the indications, timing and costs for using Durable Medical Equipment (DME) with children having a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. It will identify when equipment is needed, when to introduce this equipment and how much this equipment costs over the lifespan for this population.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Jonathan M Greenwood, PT, MS, c/NDT, CEIS, DPT, PCS
Boston Children's Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Jonathan Greenwood PT, DPT, MS, c/NDT, PCS received a B.S. degree, M.S. degree and Doctoral degree in physical therapy from Northeastern University. Dr. Greenwood is the Director of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Greenwood is a Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist, a Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Certified therapist and holds certification as an Early Intervention Specialist. Dr. Greenwood brings a working knowledge and hands on approach to pediatric adaptive equipment evaluation and recommendations.



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