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IC17: Early Vs. Late Intervention with Custom Molded Seating

This workshop brings attention and justification for early custom molded seating intervention. It is not just about a custom shaped seat and back, but about correct orientation of the seating for a constructive relationship with gravity, and optimal wheelchair configuration and seating interface to maximize the potential for mobility, function, and skin care. Client assessment, simulation, and fitting strategies will be discussed as well as documentation of need.
This session is supported by a company with reported interest in the sale of Assistive Technology products. The content has been reviewed by ISS personnel and determined to be appropriate for continuing education purposes.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to;



Thomas R Hetzel, PT, ATP
Ride Designs
Littleton, Colorado
United States

Tom has been involved in virtually all levels of the seating and mobility industry for over 30 years. He supports clinical practice at Aspen Seating and leads education and product design at Ride Designs. Tom holds multiple patents in the wheelchair seating and mobility industry. When Tom is not working he tries to hide in the mountains, camping, hiking, biking and simply hanging out with his family.



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Pre-Symposium Workshop dot Symposium Day 1 dot Symposium Day 2 dot Symposium Day 3


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