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Vista Medical Ltd.


Vista Medical Ltd. is the manufacturer of BodiTrak Seat, Bed and Foot Smart Fabric pressure mapping systems which use advanced elastic sensors with built-in Smart USB electronics - affordable, flexible, stretchable, portable and easy-to-use. Simply plug the USB cable into your tablet computer or access through a WiFi connection and you're ready to go! BodiTrak's durable elastic Smart Fabric sensors mold to your client's body and clean easily with standard disinfectants. It's incredible how easy and intuitive BodiTrak is to use. Quickly Scan or record client pressure mapping data easily into one file over time or take advantage of the BodiTrak Seating Protocol Wizard that helps guide you through the use of BodiTrak as part of a seating evaluation.

Natalia Emelyanova
55 Henlow Bay Unit 3
Winnipeg, MB, R3Y1G4


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