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JACO is a world-class technology, conceived designed and built by Kinova Robotics, a company based in Montreal, Canada. JACO was designed to fit on the side of a power wheelchair, and it's cutting-edge software is intuitive and user friendly. This unique and transformational technology significantly improves the lives of people with an upper body mobility impairment by enabling them to perform complex dexterous actions. The use of JACO in daily life can enhance lifestyle and independence by providing increased independence and even self-confidence to those living with spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy, as well as other injuries and disorders that cause upper body limitations. Daily actions such as pouring a drink, eating a snack, watching TV, scratching an itch, picking an object up off the floor, turning on a light switch, opening a door or pushing an elevator button are all examples of independent actions that JACO users can perform that were impossible for them before.

The GoWing dynamic arm support easily mounts on any power wheelchair to provide assistive support for your arm so that you can easily get objects that are currently beyond your grasp them with your own hand. It combines a unique adjustable dynamic mode that counteracts the forces of gravity and a power lift mode that allows you to raise and lower your arm without physical effort. If you cannot rely on your own muscular force using Gowing allows you to make your own decisions about the tasks of daily living and gives you choices that were impossible to make before.

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