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SleepSafe Beds manufactures safety beds for children and adults with special needs. A proven, ultra-safe, ultra-stylish bed solution for virtually eliminating entrapment & falls. Unique in the industry, all SleepSafe Beds meet or exceed the FDA's Hospital Bed Safety Guidelines for addressing the 7 Zones of Entrapment. SleepSafe Beds, are designed for use in homes & medical facilities for children or adults. SleepSafe Beds are available in 3 different models: SleepSafe (low bed), SleepSafe 2 (medium bed) and SleepSafer (high bed). The 3 models offer varying safety rail height protection above the mattress from 10 inches to 34 inches. The full length safety rails can be quickly rotated out of the way to provide quick access and feature, clear, unbreakable windows when the need to see and be seen is important. Foundation options include fixed, head/foot elevation and fully electric with High/Low mattress height adjustability from 22 inches to 34 inches from the floor. All models are sold complete with bed enclosure, mattress, foundation, casters, tools for assembly, instructions and full warranty information. Most private and/or state Medicaid insurance will cover the cost of a SleepSafe Bed when Medical Necessity is proven.

Angie Daniel
3629 Reed Creek Drive
Bassett, VA, 24055
United States


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