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PRM Inc.


PRM Inc. is a wheelchair seating manufacturer. We currently have three product lines. The Signature-Fit product line is a custom molded system which has seen major changes over the last few years. Digitizing is now done using a digital video camera in place of the linear potentiometer system previously used. The Signature-Fit cushions have two positioning foam options, and several liner foam options.

The Precision-Fit product line is a custom measured seat and back system based on client measurements. It allows the customer to design the product to meet the positioning and pressure relief requirements of the end user without the need for a molding frame.

We also have an off-the-shelf cushion line with two models the Contoured-fit and the Comfort-Fit cushions. These new cushions meet the requirements of the E2603, E2607, and E2622 Medicare codes.

Todd Dinner
5325 Kuhl Road
Erie, PA, 16510
United States


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