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Evac+chair North America


EVAC+CHAIR North America, is the world's #1 leading. supplier of emergency stairway evacuation chairs since 1982. During an evacuation, the anatomy of a building changes. Alarms are activated, passenger elevators cannot generally be used, and the stairs become the only option for escape. What happens to those who are disabled, either permanent or temporary. Since 1982 EVAC+CHAIR North America the world's #1 provider of evacuation chairs has solved this issue helping persons all over the world s escape successfully form buildings during emergency evacuations. Most notably 9/11 when the EVAC+CHAIR helped in getting persons safely out of the World Trade Center. EVAC+CHAIR'S continuous reinforced belted treads provides automatic braking allowing for a steady controlled descent down stairs. Our single operator lightweight evacuation chairs are tough enough to carry up to 500 lb. passengers with precise effortless control. EVAC+CHAIR is the only company that has a "LIFETIME WARRANTY. The EVAC+CHAIR exceeds fire safety requirements and emergency response guidelines established to support the Americans with Disabilities Act .

Jeff Wolvovsky
3000 Marcus Avenue Suite 3e6
Lake Success, NY, 11042
United States


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