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Miller's Adaptive Technologies

Miller's has been a supplier and manufacturer to the seating and positioning market for over 40 years establishing ourselves as a company known for quality and innovation. It is these same qualities that have afforded Miller's the opportunity to deliver many different "one-of-kind products" that are still prevalent in the rehab mobility industry today.
Many providers have entrusted Miller's to meet many of their seating positioning needs for years. Some of the products that you will find of value to your rehab mobility business are:

Miller's is very committed to offering Rehab Mobility Providers, not only quality services and products; they are also offering competitive discounting to help with their business.

As always, we value your business and we hope that you find a using Miller's for your position product needs to be of benefit to your customers, referrals and business.

Daniel Craig, Jr
2023 Romig Rd
Akron, OH, 44320
United States


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