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Crosley Medical Products, Inc.


Our company began in 1985 as a specialty dealer/manufacturer of rehabilitation devices. Since then, we have serviced over 20,000 individuals with custom seating and positioning devices, custom made wheelchairs, standers, walkers and bathroom equipment. We are privately owned and operated by a licensed occupational therapist that designs and fabricates over 300 seating and positioning devices and accessories for wheelchairs. We are a custom manufacturer that specializes in building devices for severely physically involved individuals that no one will get involved.

Our head supports. trunk supports, hip supports and pelvic/extremity control devices are utilized in wheelchairs, our own home positioning chairs and in our school chairs. The head support devices we fabricate will withstand strong and extreme extensor thrust reactions of the head and will maintain its original position without any movement. Our other complete line of seating and positioning devices are original designs that you cannot find from anyone else. Our equipment works, does not break and will outlast every similar device made by any other company.

We are clinical experts in this field. My staff has over 200 combined years of manufacturing experience. We are the best seating and positioning manufacturer in the United States. All of the equipment we are offering has been used many times in previous cases that we have handled. If you are looking for quality made equipment that works, give us a try. Our website contains only a partial listing of what we provide. If you need a complete system, give us the specifications and we will quote it. We work with stainless steel, aluminum, steel, all types of wood and plastics along with all types of fabric including leather, vinyl, urethane, denim, cotton, Neoprene and fleece. We stock different types of foam for fabrication.

Sue Kornberg
602 S 2nd Street E
Deer Park, New York 11729
United States


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